1. The Game


Well you can tell'em at the pool hall
You can tell'em at the store
This poor boy's left the small town
and he won't be back no more
Off to seek my fortune
Right now I'm on a roll
Believers always have the sunshine
warming up their souls
Just say that I have gone to show 'em all
I can play the game

Cause there's a world out there a waitin'
and I'm gonna make my mark
I'm going for the birdies
I ain't settling for no pars
Shootin' for the pin
I seldom play it safe
Some might hit the green
and some might wind up in the lake
You've gotta take your chances
when you're playing the game

Ooh Ooh are you going with me
Ooh Ooh are you gonna stay
Ooh Ooh think what you'll be missing
If you don't play

You'll see my face a shinin'
up there on that silver screen
You'll say I am presumptious
but it never hurts to dream
You'll see me on the cover
of your favorite magazine
You'll say I knew that sucker
when he didn't have a thing
I bet you're gonna say that boy
is at the top of his game

Ooh Ooh climbing up the ladder
Ooh Ooh reaching for the stars
Ooh Ooh don't say it doesn't matter
Who the players are

I'll have people all around me
They'll be at my beckon call
And if you're needing something
Ask the butler down the hall
It'll be a gated mansion
Standing several stories tall
With fine wine in the cellar
And great paintings on the wall
The kind of place you would expect
From the winner of the game

Well I know you're gonna wanna come see me
after I win the game
I'll be expecting your call
after I win the game