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  1. Pedigree
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Daddy had a Cadillac Sedan DeVille
It had one yellow door and it was missing the grill
Everybody knew where it was in town
You could hear him coming you could see the cloud

Momma was a bisquit baking egg serving queen
She wore a black beehive and her name was Darlene
She worked open to close just to make ends meet
At the Tri-State truckstop Exit 14

*Five thirty comes early of the morning
Dry wall stack of two by fours and there's a pile of gravel waiting on me
I'm a chip off the block, a branch off the tree
Living out my destiny
My pedigree is killing me*

We had a mobile home, five acres of land
We had a door out back for a garbage can
Chickens on the porch, ginnies in the trees
A three legged dog by the name of Sweet Pea


In this world if you wanna be free
If you're a man workin' the land
Then you better grow a money tree


My pedigree is killing me