1. Destiny
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(Buzz Cason, Anthony Crawford)

Another foggy mirror morning
my first attempt to shave
I stared at my coffee cup and asked
to whom are you a slave
i walked outside to see if a solution could be found
before I ever lit that thing
I threw that cigarette down

oh oh destiny
oh oh what will it be
it could be up to me i fear
oh oh destiny
can you just wait for me
i’ve got so much to see right here

that night that feeling started to fester
like I knew it would
that lady in polyester started looking good
she’s the one I dreamed about
back in my boy scout days
but when I thought about it
I turned another page
a new beauty appeared and asked me
if I could dance
I said no but i’ll go to Arthur Murray
if you give me a chance

repeat chorus
is this just fantasy
i’ve got so much to see right here

I thought I heard a symphony
in the background of her smile
a Hollywood soundtrack in
the John Williams style
write me a kooky lyric
Mr. Newman make her laugh
she can color up the future
of my black and white past

there’s a memory up in a tree
that keeps hanging around
before I let it pounce on me
I’m gonna shake that creature down
you can’t predict my friend
your next predicament
I just keep on riding this earthly ball
as long as it will spin

repeat chorus

oh destiny