1. New Love
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There are stars up in the skies tonight
They’ve been hanging there all of my life
Now looking up while I’m holding her hand
I’ve never seen them shine so bright

Hey wake up baby please get up off of that couch
It’s 12 o’clock and I’m reaching out for you
to come on to bed and lay down next to me
there’s no way that I can sleep without you

I don’t want to have to try or think about too much
I just want to have a natural love
I want to walk down that long, long road
I want to hear things I’ve never been told

She’s my new love
Baby’s my new love
She’s my new love
Baby’s my new love

Sometimes she lets me rub her feet
All that new lotion on her legs is so sweet
And when I look deep into her eyes
That’s the place I want to live and die

I don’t want to have to try, I don’t wanna have to do
anything that I don’t want to do I just want it to be
something that comes to each other naturally