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I woke up in pain this morning
Having her way inside my head and I
felt the world was coming to an end

As I placed my feet to the floor
I felt a chill of last night’s dream there
to remind me once again
once again

Never do we know if this will be the last time that
we look into each others eyes
never do we know if this will be
the last time we say goodbye

you could be delayed from one last kiss
life’s second held life back to miss
what otherwise would be a different day
cause out of nowhere the end could come
that red light runner that you don’t see
slow down look both ways
get home to me
get home to me


I’m so thankful for the inconvenient
traffic jam and the crying baby
the very thing that slows you down
could be the very thing that keeps you around


Anthony Crawford:
Savana Lee: Vocals
Colin Linden: Electric Guitar

Anthony Crawford - BMI/Dirt Roads End Publishing