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I should've paid attention
I should've given a lot more time
I should've been there for you
When you needed me

But now all my excuses fall where they never land
To a hole in your heart
I'm wondering where they've gone
Are there plans for a return

Tell me

*Where is the love does it exist
We tolerate the morning and that's about it
We go all day and I never see you
You've got friends that I don't know
Stepping on me to get to you
Now I see you're in demand
Remember when you used to get with me
In the afternoon and just hold my hand
Hold my hand

The little hand points to ten
The other past the two
I'm finding little evidence
There's a place for me with you


Nothing lasts forever
This I know first hand
Where I stood in your world
Back when I was your man

Hold my hand