1. Campfire


(Buzz Cason, Anthony Crawford)

Working outside of a summer day
Hauling water and cutting hay
I can’t wait til the sun goes down
down home folks gonna gather round
campfire, campfire, light it up

Shotgun Larry and Catfish Sue
already know what we’re gonna do
sleeping bags and a case of beer
all my good neighbors are gonna be here
campfire, campfire, light it up

Campfire sending up a holy smoke
everybody singing and it ain’t no joke
back in the country where nobody cares
down home music fills the air
all night long gonna sing and shout
party on til we all pass out
we’ll be alright in the mornin no doubt
by the campfire

Hot summer night and a big full moon
got a guitar picker just a picking out a tune
Got a blonde headed beauty dancing close to the flame
lordy lordy I wish I knew her name
campfire, campfire, light it up

Repeat Chorus

Repeat 1st Verse

campfire, campfire, light it up