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  1. Cabin On The Hill
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Cabin On The Hill
(Buzz Cason, Anthony Crawford)

There is a cabin on the hill
Not far from Uncle Vester’s still
I spent many a afternoon
ust strumming on a tune
and when the wind is right
you can catch a smell
from that front porch
of that cabin on the hill

There is a cabin on the hill
where grandma threw away her pills
just a little shine
make her feel real fine
and you know that son of hers
give her a deal
it’s all free to that cabin on the hill

Mama when you see Rock City
you might think you’ve seen it all
but there’s a place that’s twice as pretty
if you want to find a thrill
I promise you, you will
come on up to that cabin on the hill

Uncle Rob took off for Hollywood
he said, “son come on you know you should,
they got all them stars driving big fancy cars”
I said, “I bet they ain’t got one single still,
I’ll just stay here in my cabin on the hill”

Repeat Chorus